Build A Solid Team Early = Build A Successful Project

November 12th, 2013

A great team made a great project - Photo: Thomas Barwick

Great projects happen not by chance, but by planning.  You might get lucky from time to time and pull something off without being prepared, but consistency will not be your friend.  Consistency and quality are everything.  To build a great project you need a great team involved from the conception of the project right through to the end.  If you build a solid team at the beginning, the project has the absolute best chance for success.

What do we mean by a team?

  • Owner – the person, people, or organization with the need for a built project – let’s be real – also the dollars to make it happen.
  • Architect – the designer of the architecture – a talented designer needs to design the building (they have subconsultants as well).
  • Landscape Architect – the site and the building must be designed together – when landscape is successful it is considered as a part of the whole – not as a beautification device.
  • Builder – the company that will be in charge of building the architecture.
  • Landscape Contractor – the company that will be in charge of building the site (everything outside the building if they are good).

Why do we feel so strongly about building a great team right from the start?  And more importantly, why do we feel that the landscape contractor MUST be a part of this early team?

  • Nothing gets missed.
  • Everyone involved is an expert in their field and is making highly informed decisions for the good of the team
  • Opportunities are sought, found and correctly seized
  • Accurate and proactive budgets are built
  • Early material coordination occurs
  • The owner gains confidence and understanding of the four key players who will be involved until the owner moves in
  • Drama is reduced
  • A successful project is built

We became landscape contractors years ago after feeling the defeat as designers only when a project did not come together as it could have.  We decided to take control for the sake of the team and to actively push to become that pesky landscape contractor who could make a difference if involved early.  When we are involved early, the most exceptional landscapes in the northwest are created.

Building a solid team from the start equals building a successful project.  Period.

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