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How We Plant Shrubs

Planting shrubs sounds simple doesn’t it? Maybe the simplest thing you can do in landscape construction? Yes it can be simple, but if proper steps are not taken, a landscape can suffer tremendously. Let’s look at a few things we do to ensure good planting success.


You Can’t Do It Alone: Mentors

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if someone would give of their time to listen to you, support your thoughts, and give you honest feedback based upon their experience? We can imagine how great that is because we benefit from experience with mentors who do just that! What a fantastic thing!


Plants We Love: Bamboo

Love it or hate it, you have to admit it is an amazing plant. Tenacious as all get out, fast growing, useful as a plant and as wood, wildly colored and shaped, small, medium, large, and oh yes, gorgeous. We love bamboo.


The Power Of Regular Meetings

Do we really need more meetings in our life? Do we accomplish anything in a meeting? Admittedly not if a meeting is just for meeting’s sake, but if run powerfully and in a timely way with pertinent issues to discuss, they are absolutely invaluable during the construction and gardening phases of a project. It’s part of that face-to-face communication thing we discussed last week. Some things just need to be looked at in person – especially something as dynamic as a landscape.


The People Make The Company

All the ideas and processes that a company can devise do not mean a thing without the best people implementing those ideas. We have the best of the best!

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Annual color and pots

Annual color and pots

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