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Strive To Be As Tenacious As Plants!

We had a rough winter (and spring and summer) here in the Northwest. Plants and people took a hard hit. We saw damage on some plant material that we have not seen in years or if ever. We also took some tumbles ourselves on ice that gave us some bruises we haven’t seen in years!

As spring neared we saw some plants that had a small amount of living foliage but we figured were on their last leg…..but then….

Chalk one up for the tenacity of plants!


Getting Everyone On The Same Page

Company goals, directions, ideas, initiatives, and most importantly culture don’t just happen by themselves. If a company is to grow and be flexible enough to consistently meet its obligations to its clients, the community, and the people within the company, the leaders and everyone working with them must be on the same page. Yes must be, not should be. Shoulds in business are dangerous.

How to get everyone on the same page? Get it all on paper, stick it on a wall, know what concepts you will not break on, but debate and develop anything else that makes


Paving How-To: Good Paving Starts With A Good Base

You’ve been there – a once beautiful plaza space that is now a lumpy, bumpy roller coaster of a paved surface, giving all paving a bad name. We’re willing to bet that the nasty walking experience has less to do with the paving material itself and more to do with the base material underneath. Chances are the base was not properly prepared. Good paving starts with a consistent base.


Consistency Is Key

Consistency is a wonderful thing. Often times we realize that being consistent and dependable is one of the foundations of great work – sometimes just as important as the work itself!

What do we mean by consistency? Here are a few examples:


Community: Supporting Future Leaders

Have you ever met a great leader? Did you ask that leader if he was a Boy Scout or if she was a Girl Scout, or if they were in some youth organization when they were younger? There’s a good chance they were. And there’s an even better chance that they were supported in their youth by many people in their community.

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Annual color and pots

Annual color and pots

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