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Do Irrigation Right The First Time – Part 1

Irrigation systems are wonderful when they work well and are the bane of existence when they do not. How do you stay on the good side of the line? Use great materials and even better methods when you install the system! It is really that simple and it is the only way we operate. Remember the post on “Anything you do is everything you do”?


Tools We Love: Felco Hand Saws

An artist uses the right brush, a great chef uses the right sharp knife, and a skilled pruner uses a sharp saw. There is no difference between these great masters other than their medium of choice – paint, food, or errant branches.

What tool are we featuring today? The Felco hand saw, of course.


Birds Know The Real Thing…Sometimes.

Okay – a little light hearted humor for a Monday, but still solid research! From time to time various birds decide to take a liking to some of our projects.  Maybe its the water feature at a residence or the art work on the top of a downtown office tower.  Some of this liking is welcome […]


Doing Large And Small Work – And Making Sure to Show It All!

We had a potential client make a great observation this week. He stated that he loved our work, but based upon what he saw on our website, we were not involved in very large scale projects, which was a concern to him. His observation on what we show was smack on, his assumption of our lack of large scale work was incorrect, but how could he know? It’s up to us to represent ourselves completely!


Tools We Love: Hats

We know, not necessarily a tool, but man if we don’t wear one every day, the work is sure a lot harder to do. Therefore, hats are one of our favorite tools because the right tool makes the work easier!

Why do we like hats?

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

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Organic Gardening

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Annual color and pots

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