Almost Time to Winterize Irrigation – Already?

Maybe a bit overdone, but if you ever had an irrigation break on your property, it sure feels like old faithful!

Oh, how it sneaks up on everyone, every year.  Fall is here and winter is on its heals.  Our shortage of warm days in the Northwest makes the coming fall all the more unbelievable, but our plants know it is coming better than us.  What does this mean?  They won’t need irrigation water and it is time to protect irrigation systems soon by winterizing them!

What does winterization mean?  Great question.

  • We drive around town towing a big compressor behind our trucks.  Upon arrival at a project site, we turn off water to the system, open drain valves, and plug the compressor into a point at the beginning of the system.  We then systematically open valves throughout the irrigation system until all the water is blown out of the system.  We then leave the drain valves open for the winter to relieve pressure and let the system sleep until we come back in the spring to start it up!

Why winterize?  Another good question!

  • If you think of that can of soda or bottle of wine you left in the freezer by accident, you will understand why we winterize.  What happens when water freezes?  It expands.  What happens to a pipe when water expands?  It cracks and starts what could be a very expensive leak.  Let us go all cliche on you and say that “an ounce of prevention beats a gallon of cure!”

We continue to expand our irrigation and lighting care to be able to take care of everyone.  Don’t wait for a pipe to burst – winterize soon!

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