Anything You Do Is Everything You Do

Everything done to the best level to endure. Photo: Fawn Art Photography

Is it possible to decide to do well or act with integrity one moment, but not the next?  We think not.  We work to live by the notion of “Anything you do is everything you do”.

We talk often about there being so many things to consider in everyday life and conversation, that you simply must break it all down to its simplest piece so as to not be overwhelmed with how you deal with each new circumstance.  We work to apply this idea to:

  • Consistency in our communication styles
  • Consistency in our graphics, uniforms, and vehicles
  • Consistency in our Collaboration, our Quality, and our Success when we build and garden

This notion is kind of like “taking the high road”, but it goes beyond that.  Should a company skimp when no one is watching? – no.  Should a company do an end run on its decisions because implementing those decsions is harder than previously thought?  Absolutely not. 

No one said this is easy, but the payoff of never having to wonder if you did or did not do the right thing at anytime in the past far outweighs the quick relief.

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