Dressing Up Nussbaum Group For The Holidays


If you are driving down North 35th Street at the north end of Lake Union in Seattle, you may have noticed a bright beacon of light warming up the dark winter evenings.  It is Nussbaum Group!

This year we installed thousands of efficient LED holiday lights on the tall white birches in front of our office as well as a few simple accents at the doors and elsewhere.  Why are we doing it?

  1. It is a fun way to bring life to the changing and improving neighborhood.
  2. It is a great way to launch our focus on holiday lighting.
  3. It is good to show what incredibly energy efficient lighting can do, how easy it is to install, and how long it will last versus poorly made incandescent lighting.

Swing by sometime and enjoy!

For more on Holiday Lighting check out Holiday Lighting – Time to Brighten the Night!

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