Landscape Construction Is So Much More Than Plants!

Everything you see here is landscape construction...but the plants do make it sing! Photo: John Granen

Don’t get us wrong, plants are amazing and are often times the defining element of a built landscape, but great landscape construction involves so much more than just plants. We will often times show a photograph of a beautiful project we just finished only to hear the question/statement;  “So you did the plants? They look great!”  Yes the plants do look great, thank you, and yes we source some of the best in the country, but we built all of the other structures as well! Isn’t it amazing what a good company with fantastic, flexible people can do?!

We like to say that landscape construction is everything outside the door, and sometimes a little bit inside.

 So what exactly does everything outside the door mean? We get our kicks out of beautifully building everything from winding roads through a landscape, to structures, outdoor kitchens, pools, water features, auto courts, decks, planters, trellises, grand gates, sculpture, planters, walls, stonework, paving, rolling meadows, lighting, irrigation and anything else you can think of. We also control the quality by keeping most of our work in house.

 Then, when it is all built, we top it off with plants. Okay, they are pretty amazing.

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