Meet A Nussbaum Grouper: Mike Riewer

Gardening Project Manager - Mike Riewer

Okay – new feature time!  

We are really lucky to work with a bunch of  great people who take pride in being part of our team.  Strangely enough, they even don’t mind being called a “Grouper”…at least we think they don’t!  Because they make this company a success, we thought you would enjoy meeting these people over the next several weeks, so we’ll introduce them from time to time.

Our first featured grouper is Gardening Project Manager, Mike Riewer.

With Nussbaum Group since: 2007

Previous positions within Nussbaum Group: Facilities and Materials Supervisor, Construction Project Manager

Why we’re glad to have Mike part of the team: With a degree in landscape architecture from Washington State, Mike understands all dimensions of landscape design.  His years in the construction and gardening  industry also give him the knowledge to bring design to fruition through proper construction and gardening techniques.  Like the offerings of Nussbaum Group, Mike brings it all together.  All that knowledge teamed with a desire to make this the best company possible make us happy to introduce him to our clients.

Mike’s one-line job description: A communicative and skilled professional who collaborates with owners and project team members to manage gardening projects while furthering Nussbaum Group’s organic practices.

How to pronounce his last name?:  Think old German – its Ree-ver…yes Ree-ver.

We hope you get to meet him sometime.

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