Meet A Nussbaum Grouper: Valiant Poole

On we go with introducing you to the great people that make up Nussbaum Group.  Our next “Grouper” is Valiant Poole – our Director of Gardening Operations.

With Nussbaum Group since: 2005

Why we’re glad to have Valiant leading the gardening team: Valiant was the first member of the gardening team and has grown both in horticultural and business skills to grow and lead Nussbaum Group’s organic gardening direction.  He leads by example and truly believes in everything we as a company strive to do.  He is devoted to the concepts of Collaboration, Quality and Success.

Valiant’s one-line job description:  A skilled and dynamic horticulturist who manages the day-to-day operations of the gardening teams, is committed to furthering organic practices, communicates with clients, and ensures the successful implementation of the gardening guides.

Some fun facts we enjoy about Valiant:  He enjoys the outdoors, hiking with his family while showing them the beauty in nature’s patterns, music, and learning and growing.

 We hope you get to meet him sometime. 

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