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Finding Gold in The Landscape!

While the statement in the title is related, it’s not about the color of the fruit in the photo above or the oncoming hues of the leaves this time of year. Yes, those are both amazing, but it is about so much more than that. When we speak of “finding gold” we are referring to the incredible bounty of fruiting plants reaching their peak this time of year.


Outdoor Kitchens!

The most successful landscapes are not isolated from the nearby architecture but are instead extensions of the buildings and living spaces be they in a residential setting or a commercial setting. One thing that we enjoy creating for some of our residential clients and even business offices is an outdoor kitchen. What fun to be able to cook while you entertain guests and stay outside!


Plants We Love: Blueberries

Oh, don’t get us started! What an amazing plant. Yes, some of us are more enamored with the idea of gaining sustenance from our gardens – especially berries – but who cannot love this plant! Our pick this week – Blueberries.

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