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It’s All About The Root Ball!

As we move into fall and savor the crisp days ahead, our thoughts turn to the time to transplant and dig trees once they are dormant (after the leaves fall). We’ve all done it in our gardens at some point, but to do it successfully, you must prepare a great root ball. It is, after all, all about the root ball!


Plants We Love: Japanese Maples

You may begin to notice a trend in the plants we love: they tend to have great all-season interest. Today’s nominee certainly fits into that category, but is a whole broad spectrum of plants, not just one.

We love Japanese Maples. Boy, do we love Japanese Maples.


Landscape Construction Is So Much More Than Plants!

Don’t get us wrong, plants are amazing and are often times the defining element of a built landscape, but great landscape construction involves so much more than just plants.

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