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Behold The Power of Mulch!

Plants need water, plants need nutrients, and plants need all kinds of beneficial bacteria and good things to keep them healthy. What provides that? Mulch!


Dogs Are Wonderful! Nussbaum Group Supports Barkitecture.

Oh, how we love our dogs here at Nussbaum Group. We love our own, we love our client’s dogs, and we enjoy supporting dogs we’ve never even met! Recently we put our time and resources behind a great cause that was sponsored by Luxe Magazine – it was called Barkitecture!


Materials We Love For Water Features: Polyurea

Weird word isn’t it? Bet you’ve never heard of it. It’s a different and very interesting product, but we appreciate it for building some of the best water features in the Northwest.

Polyurea is a compound that is spray applied and is used as a liner for water features. It looks like a thing layer of flexible plastic when done, but it can take whatever shape you need. It allows us to do some things that are tough to do with other materials.


Why Organic Gardening, and What Is It Anyway?

Organic is one of those words that everyone knows, but if pressed to define exactly what it means, most of us have a hard time. We know its good, but don’t necessarily know why. Well, let us tell you what we (and others) mean by organic gardening.

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Annual color and pots

Annual color and pots

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