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Get What You Want – Step 3 of 4: Be Complete

We know you have been waiting for our next post in the “Get What You Want” series (because who doesn’t want it all), so here it is. In the previous two posts we detailed how we feel that being Clear and being Concise are important steps to getting what you want. The third step we feel so strongly about is “Be Complete.”



We’ve written about these topics individually, but thought it worthwhile to bring them together at one time for you. These three words mean much to us and we strive to make sure that they come through no matter who in our company is bringing them forward. Enjoy our definitions.


Quality: What Does It Mean While Gardening?

Last week we had a company retreat focused on continuing to grow Nussbaum Group while ensuring that everything we do revolves around COLLABORATION. QUALITY. SUCCESS. first and foremost. It was thrilling to walk away knowing that everyone in the company is focused on living and growing this concept! If it sounds familiar, you’ve heard this “tag line” before on the blog and website, and we’ve previously defined what we mean during construction (see separate Collaboration, Quality, and Success during construction posts). Its on our trucks, on the website, on the back of our uniforms, or anywhere else you see us.


Anything You Do Is Everything You Do

Is it possible to decide to do well or act with integrity one moment, but not the next? We think not. We work to live by the notion of “Anything You Do Is Everything You Do”.


Quality: What Does It Mean During Construction?

If asked, wouldn’t everyone say they build with the highest quality? Has that word become a cliché? Yes, it has been over-used, but we still feel that it is unique when defined across a broad spectrum of everything a company strives to do. We believe so strongly that we made it the second piece of our “tag line” – COLLABORATION.QUALITY.SUCCESS. Its on our trucks, on the website, on the back of our uniforms, or anywhere else you see us.

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

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Organic Gardening

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Annual color and pots

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