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We’ve all seen it before.  “Come check out our blog!” only to see it languish without new information posted on a regular basis.  Gulp.

So here goes our crack at it…..WELCOME TO GOOD POINT!   This blog will be updated regularly with tidbits on running a great landscape construction and organic gardening company to other current and interesting things as we continue to grow and fine tune our craft. 

Can we challenge ourselves to stay ahead of daily life and post regularly?  Is our information worth reading and sharing?  Why are we doing this anyway? 

Let’s see if we can answer these questions.

  1. Post regularly?  We will be posting every weekday on a number of different categories from the methods and materials related to organic gardening and landscape construction to other topics related to enjoying our daily lives and how we work. 
  2. Is our material worth reading?  We certainly hope so.  We will work to bring you relevant and straight to the point information in the casual voice we strive to maintain in our work.
  3. Why do it?  We’ve been working to build a great company for years and are constantly reinventing ourselves to be the best / be the experts.  By sharing what we’ve learned on a regular basis we hope to enlighten our readers to our methods as well as the information available in the broader world.  We are lucky to have been well supported over the years and hope to bring Collaboration, Quality, and Success to everyone.

We’ve been posting for several days now, so please scroll down or check these links for some interesting posts on:

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Read on, enjoy, and comment so we know what is of interest to you.

All our best!

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