What Few Key Things Will Make Today A Success?

Water and organization can both be calming!

What key things must we accomplish above all else today?  That is the key question we try to ask ourselves all the time.  There are a million things that jump up and try to falsely catch our attention at any given moment, but what few things are the most important, the most critical, to achieve success on any given day?  Maybe its just one thing, maybe its three to five, but anything more than that should be a bonus.

How do we strive to stay focused on what is important?

  1. Keep comprehensive lists of key accomplishments and deadlines, organized in one central location for ease of tracking.
  2. Review that list weekly and update it for that week.
  3. Divide that list and assign accomplishments to a certain day.
  4. Accomplish those items no matter what on that given day.  Fight off the urge to address the urgent but unimportant items.
  5. At the end of the day, make your list for the next day so you start clean.
  6. Stay flexible, but know that each decision to tackle something that is not that day’s highest priority must first be weighed against the list.
  7. Be accountable to yourself and the list.

Do we have this system nailed?  Oh, we wish.  Do we get better at it every day?  Absolutely.

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