Why Organic Gardening, and What Is It Anyway?

Some of the beneficiaries of and suppliers to organic gardening in the Northwest

Organic is one of those words that everyone knows, but if pressed to define exactly what it means, most of us have a hard time. We know its good, but don’t necessarily know why. Well, let us tell you what we (and others) mean by organic gardening.

First of all, you saw in an earlier post (why do we call it gardening instead of maintenance?) that organic gardening can mean so much more than taking care of just veggies (although that is cool as well).  Here are some of the reasons that we have never done anything besides organic gardening: 

1.  Organic materials are derived from natural products often times taken from the waste stream

Things like waste products from animals, recycled green waste, and beneficial, naturally occurring bacteria all provide readily available nutrients to a landscape without unwanted side effects or byproducts.  Because we are all stewards of the landscape and water that is so vital to the Northwest and beyond.

2.  By being involved with so many landscapes, companies like ours make a huge impact on the land and water through their practices.

We and our clients simply choose to make a positive impact and be good stewards and good examples.

3.   To protect the people and animals both in and around our landscapes.

Organic materials and methods do not cause short or long term harm to the people and animals using or caring for the landscape as well as those affected by the downstream movement of water and materials from that landscape.

4.   To create far, far healthier landscapes by promoting the ecosystem’s natural ability to sustain and care for itself without dependence on chemicals and other interventions.

Bugs, microbes, beneficial bacteria, proper nutrients, organic matter and other wonderful things found in healthy ecosystems all work together to build healthy soil and healthy systems that fight off disease, out compete weeds, and thrive on their own.

There are many, many more good reasons to garden organically. We welcome your thoughts as well.

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