Organic Maintenance Services

We make exceptional landscapes THRIVE

At Nussbaum Group, we have redefined landscape maintenance by proactively addressing every need of the site and are committed to 100% organic materials and processes. One of our core company values is "Anything you do is everything you do", because ultimately, every decision that we make throughout the course of the day has an effect on the landscapes on which we work and the people we work with.

Before Beginning Maintenance

We work with the Landscape Architect and Client to confirm the design vision and develop a detailed organic maintenance plan and direction to ensure that we realize the design vision.

“The success of this highly complex and innovative project is due greatly to Nussbaum Group’s commitment to design excellence, creative implementation and technical expertise. The vision that we placed on paper was realized and enhanced by their aesthetic response to field conditions and opportunities and to their desire and ability to work effectively as a member of the team”.

- John Swanson, Principal, John Swanson Design Studio -

Throughout our time caring for the landscape

We use cutting edge horticultural and organic expertise to ensure the landscape continues to thrive. We continuously assess the landscape and engage the Client and Landscape Architect in an ongoing conversation to ensure they are partners in our stewardship of their Landscape.

“…Companies spend enormous time and money crafting a brand and working to ensure their customers perceptions and experience of the brand align.....few really get it done and seldom have I seen it done as well as your company does it. For that you are to be congratulated.”

- Owner, Seattle Residence -

As our landscapes mature

We take the critical steps necessary to ensure they thrive into perpetuity.

“Looks perfect! Thank you so much for everything.”
- Owner, Issaquah Residence -

“I feel that I got every penny’s worth of money that I put into my landscape with Nussbaum Group.”
- Owner, West Mercer Island Residence -

“We’ve been very happy both with how the landscape looks and with the team’s diligence.”
- Owner, Magnolia Residence -


(As much as possible so our Clients have one source of accountability)

  • Container Design and Care
  • Event Lighting
  • Event Preparations
  • Hard Surface Care



  • Holiday Lighting
  • Irrigation Service
  • Lawn Care
  • Lighting Service



  • Mulching
  • Plant Care
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Seasonal Color Maintenance
  • Seasonal Displays
  • Structure Care
  • Water Feature Care

Collaboration. Quality. Success.